On Rosie and Rossi: Cheating in Modern Footraces
A brief examination of running’s most famous course-cutting allegations.
Published March 17, 2016

Given the lengths to which many modern big-city races go to ensure fair play among its 30,000+ runners, it’s truly remarkable when someone manages to beat the system, even if they leave behind a rich trail of suspicion.

Heavenly Gaits: Running as a Religion
Is it reasonable to describe a diehard runner’s obsession with running as religious devotion?
Published June 23, 2015

Like many popular sports, running has been called a cult. Though the superficial comparisons are apparent, there may be more substantial comparisons to unearth once we delve into the core convictions and characteristics of the world’s largest monotheistic religions.

Marathoners, Get an EKG
Why do some runners die on the course?
Published September 4, 2014

Every so often, marathoners everywhere are shocked to learn that one of their fellow runners has died mid-race.  Though the incidence is very small, the cause is likely hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that almost always goes undiagnosed until it is too late.

The Great Burger Race
Would you watch this show?
Published December 12, 2013

There is no shortage of insane shows on TV, cluttering the schedule and even soiling the reputations of the so-called “Learning” and History channels.  But why not create a show that incorporates travel, nutrition and exercise all in one?  Bringing together both the running and foodie community, could this concept be a hit?

The 2-Hour Marathon: Running’s Great Debate
Will it ever happen or will we see it sooner than we think?
Published September 25, 2013

Every time a major marathon is won in under 2:05, the running world explodes with talk of a new world record, with more than one outlet speculating about the magical two-hour mark.  Some say it’s imminent, others say it’s seventy years down the road.  In this article, I discuss both sides and geek out over elite athletes’ PRs.

Music: A Legal and Healthy Performance Enhancer
Do you run with or without tunes?
Published August 5, 2013

In this article, I explore various experiments that detail the mental and physical effects that listening to music can have during exercise.  As someone who never takes a portable music player with me, it’s fascinating to see what the data reveal.  In light of such clear advantages, I also must ask myself why I don’t participate.

Marathons, Selective Memory and runSkin Giveaway
Why runners are very eager to forget the pain
Published July 8, 2013

It’s a common series of events: you bonk, you hate yourself for signing up for this marathon, you finish, you wait a few weeks and then contemplate running another one.  What happens in between that makes us forget the worst parts of a race?  Does it say something about us as runners or is it a general human trait?

Are We Running in a Bubble?
Putting too much of our hearts into the sport
Published June 19, 2013

Is it possible that we’re all running too much?  The running community, as encouraging as it is, is one giant positive feedback loop.  In this article, I take a slight step back from the frenzied enthusiasm to try and look at the sport objectively and question whether what we’re doing can have lasting damage.


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