Running has always been a fundamentally lonely activity for me. I began training alone, learned to race against my own best times, and sneak out of home before daybreak to enjoy the longest runs of summer. For years it was almost a meditative act, separate from the chatter and backlit displays that crowd our personal space every day.

But I soon learned that the sport can be far more rewarding when shared with others. Since 2014, I’ve had the pleasure of coaching many runners to their first 10k and half marathon finishes, both in person and via individually structured programs and guidance.

#TeamChance. I have been the coach for the Jackson Chance Foundation’s #TeamChance charity group since 2014. In addition to leading group runs along Chicago’s lake path, I provide the organization with specialized training programs and weekly training advice, as well as being a go-to resource for whatever concerns their runners may have.

FrontRunners FrontWalkers Chicago. In 2017, the Chicago chapter of the global LGBT+A running group hired me as the official coach for any members who wanted to run their first 10k at the organization’s flagship event, the Proud to Run 10k. I provided several training programs of varying skill level, and lead weekly runs of gradually increasing distances along the lakefront path.

If you or your organization require the services of an outgoing, flexible, and determined running coach, please contact me at for more information and availability.

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