Personal Bests

There was no singular moment where I suddenly felt like a runner.  Although there was one pivotal moment in 2008 where I decided to simply start running, I did it as a health initiative and not because I was drawn to the running activity, sport, and way of life.  It wouldn’t be until I took my old Nokia brick phone on a run and used its stopwatch to time my individual miles that I suddenly felt obsessed with running.  Each outing became an opportunity to measure progress and forever etch success onto my nascent running log.

So were it not for my insatiable hunger to chase PRs, I would not be the runner I am today.  There will be a day when I will no longer realistically try to improve my times, but as long as I can continue improving, I will be aiming to best the ghosts of times past.  Below are those speedy specters:

5k: 2015 Original 5k — 18:52 (6:05 pace)

8k: 2017 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle — 30:43 (6:11 pace)

10k: 2015 Proud to Run — 40:12 (6:28 pace)

10-miler: 2017 Soldier Field — 1:08:00 (6:48 pace)

Half Marathon: 2014 13.1 Chicago1:29:42 (6:51 pace)

Marathon: 2015 Fargo Marathon3:16:07 (7:29 pace)

50k: 2016 Chicago Lakefront 50k — 4:40:14 (9:01 pace)

50M: 2016 Ice Age Trail 50-Miler10:19:57 (12:24 pace)

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